The Hunted Prey

The aim of this very simple game is to move the red square box (the prey) in such a way as to avoid any contact with the moving blue boxes (the hunters). The boxes move with increasing speed until they reach 400 pixel/second after 15 seconds, thereafter they continue to move at this same speed. To start the game click on the red square and move it around holding the left mouse button down. You can change the number of "hunter boxes" via the play mode selector. You may change the initial position of the boxes by keeping pressed the shift key and moving them around with the mouse.


Last you may randomly change the speed directions of the blue boxes. The game may stop with the status 'speed limit'; it means that the program is unable to continue with the emulation of the required motion speed for the blue boxes. Do not worry for this, simply start a new run because the program will adapt progressively its emulation parameters so as to cope with the capacities of your PC. In spite of its simplicity this game hides in its code non trivial implementation problems.
Well that's all, enjoy now!