The triangle tangle

This game rich in subtleties gives you the opportunity to train many skills at the same time. Its aim is to arrange the triangles on the grid in such a way as to form continuous straight lines of the same colour from one end to the other. The more lines you achieve entirely of the same colour and the longer they are, the higher will be your score. The presented triangles have each side coloured differently, the colour being selected randomly from a set of 4, 5, or 6 depending on the setting. You never will be presented with triangles having identical coloured sides.


(More mathematically: the programs selects the triangles randomly from the full set of permutations of 4, 5, or 6 colours on three sides).
The presented triangle will be placed where you click on the grid. As you immediately realise they will have to point with the tip either up or down depending on the position in the grid. If you restart the game you will be presented again with the same sequence of triangles therefore giving you a chance to improve your score.


You may also choose to play in "arrange" mode in which case the grid is prefilled randomly with coloured triangles from the set of permutations. You can exchange two triangles among themselves by clicking in sequence on them and experience step after step how far you can push the score!


You have also the opportunity to modify or design a grid of your own. Clicking on any grid cell will switch it between displayed and hidden state. Consider that by reloading the page the edited grid will be lost but you can note the nine characters coding for the grid and input it again in the user grid field for a new run.